Our Story

Natural, clean skincare from Iceland that works.

ÞRÍR is an Icelandic skincare brand committed to delivering high-quality skincare products that are natural, clean, and effective for all skin types.

The three signature face masks—Volcano Scrub, Glacial Clay, and Arctic Roseroot Moisture Mask are inspired by the natural elements from the raw, untouched Icelandic landscape: volcanoes, glaciers, herbs, and the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds the island.

Developed in close cooperation with scientists and skincare experts in the Nordic countries, Þrír's products are made to COSMOS-ORGANIC standards (certification is pending). No animal testing, only natural and organic ingredients that are environmentally friendly.

Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits from natural skincare—regardless of age, gender, or race. Developed with both nature and skin's needs in mind, Þrír is dedicated for those who thrive in today's fast-paced life, yet aiming to keep their skin natural, healthy, and looking their best every day.
ÞRÍR's products are great companions for self-care routines, stress-relief, or any daily skincare routines.

ÞRÍR’s philosophy is simple—to develop and deliver natural, clean skincare from Iceland, that works.

ÞRÍR means “three” in Icelandic,
simply chosen as the brand name for its three main elements.

Glacial Clay Purifying Mask is a deep-cleansing mask, made of mineral-rich Glacial Clay and Red Willow Bark. Purifies, minimizes skin pores, leaving the skin revitalized, firm, and smooth. Learn more

Arctic Roseroot Moisture Mask maximises skin hydration. The key ingredient—Arctic Roseroot—stimulates the natural production of collagen, enhances skin elasticity and is also rich in antioxidants. Learn more

Vocano Scrub Exfoliating Mask is a natural exfoliator—combining finely ground lava and activated charcoal, the mask renews the skin and removes old skin cells, as well as moisturizes and energizes the skin. Learn more

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